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7 in 1 RF Ultrasonic Machine


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New Arrial Multifunctional 7 in 1 Ultrasonic RF Fat Freezing Body Massage Portable Weight Loss Beauty Machine EMS Firming Body Burner Fat Massager Ultrasonic Slimming Anti Cellulite Machine

Buy it = RF Function + EMS Function + Ultrasonic Function + Red light Function + Blue light Function + Negative ion + Positive ion = Save your money


♥ Product name: 7 in 1 RF Ball Slimming Machine
♥ Color: White
♥ Input voltage: DC 15V
♥ Input current: 1A
♥ Power: 15W
♥ Ultrasonic oscillation frequency: 1MHZ
♥ RF frequency: 770KHZ
♥ Positive and negative ion voltage: 8-12V
♥ Product weight: 153g
♥ Product size: 195*80*57mm
Function: RF, ultrasonic, red light, blue light, EMS, positive ion, negative ion
♥ Use area: face, back, arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen

Ultrasonic Function

1MHz Ultrasonic vibration can deep into skin , make mechanical massage for fat cells by high frequency vibration, combine with Chemical and heating effect, gradually reduce fat.

EMS Function

Imitate real people to make hammer shot, massage ,kneading, acupuncture and compact skin. Using micro-current massage, under this mode, the current stimulated muscles, to make muscle exercise, and consume surrounding fat, sugars and carbohydrates. Under normal movement, muscle only can subsume 60-70joules per second, but under this high-frequency movement by EMS, there will consume up to 3000-4000 joule per second, so that make your body sliming quickly and effectively

RF Function

RF is heated by high-frequency electric waves, which penetrates heat into the deep layers of the skin, stimulates collagen secretion, activates collagen fibers, and reduces wrinkles.

Negative ionic lead-in

According like charges repel principle, Use device to make nutrition deep in the skin, and absorb nutrition 100% perfectly.

Positive ionic lead-out

According opposite charges attract principle, Use device to clear the dirty and blackheads out completely which is hidden in the deep pores.

LED light Function

A: Red light: wavelength 625 ±3nm/12 LEDs activate cells, promotes the formulation of collagen, remove wrinkles of eyes and Eye pouch.

B: Blue light: wavelength 465 ±3nm/12 LEDs ,reduce inflammation, Eliminate Acne , the balance of water and oil for oily skin , very suitable oily skin, Acne skin and sensitive skin.

What you get

1 x Machine
1 x Power adapter
1 x EMS Cord
4 X EMS Pads
1 Pairs of EMS Gloves
1 x English User Manual